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The relaxed lifestyle of the South West

The Gers is an hospitable land by custom and welcomes you between the Garonne river and the Pyrenees to make you discover the relaxed lifestyle of the South West of France, where taking your time does not mean wasting it, but, on the contrary, gaining finesse and refinement.

At the Relais du Bastidou, 4 miles away from Marciac, the famous fortified town of Jazz, give yourself some quiet time, in the heart of the Gers countryside. Here, in the midst of nature, all the conditions are gathered to make you feel at home, so you can enjoy a favoured holiday destination.

The Gers invites you to a break. There are numerous occasions to be amazed: the historical and cultural heritage, the discovery of the pleasures of the palate, the magic of the South West celebrations… and rugby!!! The Relais du Bastidou supports the

The Gers has preserved what makes it special: the sense of happiness! On the traces of its famous children, land of light and contrasts, the Gers invites you to make new discoveries all year long.

The activities proposed by the Gers tourist board

Quartier Cayron - Lieu dit "Barbat" 32160 Beaumarches
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